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Sharin the

Thoughts of the Dazed

born yesterday

Terminally confused?

Rent-a-Clue turn down your application?

Boneless, skinless AND brainless!

You're come to the the right place. Get happy, Slappy. Here at Sharin' the Nude Whirl of Poultry, we're confused too but we try, in our own inane way to spread cheer as easily and sincerely as a hooker spreads her legs. 

  Jokes of the Dazed

Q: What do Necrophiliacs do on their way home from work?

A: Stop by the morgue for a few cold ones

Two necrophiliacs work in a morgue, and one of them tells the other one: "You should have seen this woman they brought in last week. They pulled her out of the water after she'd been there for three weeks. Man, I'm tellin' you, she had a clitoris just like a pickle." "What," the other asks, "green?"
"No, says the first, "sour."


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This page is dedicated to my mummy
who taught me all my wizzdum
and to speak with the whispering lips on my anus.
May her bandages be wrapped tight
and all of her hieroglyphics be translated.

Poem of the Dazed

Puppy Love

The thousand points of light
radiating from between
the desert flower's thighs.

Crinkled labia flapping
in the astringent desert breeze,
remnants of stellar events
left crusty on her scorched panty liner.

The shivering clit, nameless,
quivers under cactus shadows,
pink mysteries, swirled bougainvillaea,
scented with the salt slicks
from her crocodile tears.

Throbbing red tumescence
oft faithful killer rottwieller/lover,
man's best friend is also more than eager
to lend his fetching mistress a helping paw
in her quest for midnight orgasms
against the yelping moon,

Smooth, saxy sex solos as she crouches,
bitchlike, for Cerberus to have his spasmodic glee.

Chopped chick bits in soup

Sayings of the Dazed

If you pray for people,
they can't say anything bad about you.

I found it the last place I looked.

Never use a corded vibrator in the bathtub.

Naming your genitals makes them easier
to get to know.

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Thought for the Dazed

When mounting love's lofty crest
'tis best to have echo'd inanities
in thine earphone's comforting caress.

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